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5 Emo Hair Tutorial Videos for Girls

A lot of girls want to know how to get their hair to look emo, so here are some emo hair tutorial videos for girls.

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2 Videos of Cameron Ugh

Cameron Ugh

2 Videos of Cameron Ugh

To follow up with our picture post for Cameron Ugh, here are 2 videos from YouTube. They’re both short and to the point, basically just Cameron validating his online existence. In both videos there are links to all of his profiles. The first video is 2 years old, which would make him 16 in it. The second video is 8 months old. He talks about making more videos and there being a big surprise, but he hasn’t made any videos since the one 8 months ago. So, yeah, don’t know what’s going on there. Anyways, here are the vids.

Cameron Ugh

6 Emo Hair Tutorial Videos for Guys

This ones for the guys. We all know that in the world of emo, the hair makes the man. But, how do you get that super hot emo hairstyle that will make the girls want to peal your pants off of you? Well, watch these videos to find out how to get a few different emo hairstyles, from simple flat ironing to complex spiking.

This first video is pretty long due to there not being any video editing. This style is a simple blow dry and flat iron. 5 stars for nakedness? Hell yeah.

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5 Videos of Emo Makeup Tutorials

This set of videos is designed to complement the emo makeup tutorial articles on the site. I know that a lot of people out there are visual learners so hopefully this will help a bit. These videos will also give you insight into how different people do their makeup. I was going to do comments on each video but I’m feeling a bit lazy right now, plus I don’t feel like watching them all again and I have a ton more work to do after I make this post, so I’ll just say that the last one is my favorite.

3 Videos of Dolly Diamond

These videos are kind of lame and self promotional but they were all that I could dig up on YouTube. I decided to do this video post because I did a picture post for Dolly Diamond a little while ago and I usually like to do video posts on anyone who gets picture posts.

Anyways, these videos are basically to validate the real Dolly Diamond. Like many attractive people, she has a lot of posers that try to steal her pics and fake themselves off as her, so more than likely whenever people create accounts saying that they’re her, everyone besides the idiots doesn’t believe said person.

Though I get why she did this, I really don’t understand why it was necessary to make 3 videos doing it. It’s just redundant and lame. Anyways, here they are regardless. No need for me to link to any of her accounts as that’s pretty much all these videos consist of, her holding up pieces of paper with the URL to all of her social networking accounts.

These videos are posted in order from the oldest to the most recent. The videos were taken a year apart. The oldest one was taken 3 years ago, the newest one was taken 1 year ago.

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