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Andy Sixx is the lead vocalist of the post-hardcore band Black Veil Brides. Andy was born on December 26th of 1990 in Cincinnati, Ohio with the birthname of Andrew Dennis Biersack. He currently lives in Hollywood California.

He’s had a pretty long and successful career for someone so young. He’s been a junior olympian hockey player, a commerical actor, a model, and of course he also has his band. His first band prior to Black Veil Brides was called Biersack, obviously after his last name.

Here’s a bit of other random Andy Sixx info, since I can’t seem to coherently put it together in a decent paragraph. Andy Sixx is 6’2. His sexual orientation is straight. His religion is athiest. And he cuts his own hair.

Now for the good stuff.

P.S. There are actually 78 Andy Sixx pictures below. Enjoy the extras. :)

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