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Everyone knows that taste is a matter of personal preference. What some people find attractive, others will find not so attractive. This reigns true for most genres, except emos. There seems to be a particular look that drives girls crazy for hot emo guys. So now let’s talk about some of the more common things that make an emo guy hot.

Typical hot emo guys will be skinny. There’s just something about a guy you can wrap your arms around and cuddle that drives emo girls wild. Being thin not only helps with attracting the ladies, but it also seems to suit the style more. Most emo guys prefer to wear tight shirts and skinny jeans, which would look much less appealing on a chubby guy.

Great hair is the second trademark of hot emo guys. This is easily achieved with a straight iron and some styling products. Fringing is a popular trend as well as the swoop over the eyes. Interesting use of hair dye can add a heightened attractiveness if done properly. Main hair color is typically solid black, dark brown, black with random platinum blond highlights, or black with highlights of other various colors gives a nice touch.

The last characteristic of typical hot emo guys is lip piercing. This could be one or multiple piercings. A bottom lip piercing, spider bites, snake bites, angel bites, or a mix there of adds a nice touch. There are few things sexier than kissing someone with a lip ring.

There are many other things that can make an emo guy hot. Style of clothes and personality are also a big turn on to a lot of girls. The list really goes on and on and on. It’s really no surprise why every girl wants a hot emo guy of their own.

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