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Is it their cute tight bodies or their sense of style? What makes hot emo girls? If you ask those of the male persuasion, you might get 100 different answers. Let’s go over a few things that can make an emo girl hot.

Most hot emo girls are skinny. Being skinny is almost part of the style, considering that most emos wear skin tight clothing. A thin body looks good in just about anything, from skinny jeans to a bikini. What emo girl wouldn’t want to show off her rockin’ hot body?

Hot emo girls will usually have an incredible fashion sense. If wearing tight clothes to show of their bodies wasn’t enough, they accessorize incredibly well. From cute shoes, to hoodies, to tank tops, and colorful jewelry, most emo girls know how to dress to impress.

Emo female hairstyles also have a lot to do with sex appeal. There are so many different styles and colors, too many to discuss them all. Some go short and spiked while others go long and layered. The ultimate emo hair accessory for girls with long hair is a big hair bow worn on the side of the head. This adds a cute sense of flirtiness. Hair color typically varies as well, from streaked to totally dyed.

Hot emo girls have been captivating the hearts of boys all over the world. Whether it’s their hot bodies, awesome sense of style, or super cute hair that attracts them, we’ll never know. I’m sure you could ask any guy around and he’d have a few more things to add to the list.

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