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Alright, so this isn’t really going to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming, this is just an extra post because I’ve been brainstorming lately (today).

But before I get into what this post is about I want to give a big shout out to all of EmoRawr’s loyal fans. There are a lot of them and I’m continually amazed at how fast this website grows and attracts new people. In only half a year EmoRawr has gone from 100 visitors a month to nearly 30,000 visitors. That’s a butt load of people.

As you all know, new content is added to the website every Friday. Many of you would like to see new content added to the site more frequently. However, that will only happen if EmoRawr starts generating more revenue. For a site that attracts 30,000 people every month and is constantly growing, EmoRawr barely brings in enough money to cover the expense of keeping it up and running.

Today I’ve been playing with the idea of going out on a limb and producing a series of novellas geared towards the emo culture and offered primarily on EmoRawr to boost revenue. The first novella would be free of charge and subsequent issues could be purchased for a small fee. This would be an ongoing project that could do a lot of great things for EmoRawr, including freeing up my time to write consistant daily posts or hiring a writer to provide the site with consistant daily posts.

Before I spend my time working on the pilot issue for the novella series, I need to know if you guys, the readers, think that it’s a good idea to begin with. There is no point in wasting time and resources on something that the readers of this site are not interested in.

Please take the time to fill out the surveys below so that I can have a better idea of how many people are actually interested in this idea. If the outlook for the project is good, the first free issue could be released as early as the 1st of March.

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