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As with any other culture, there are many common stereotypes surrounding emos. However, unlike many other niches and clicks, the emo culture has stirred up quite a bad reputation. It’s safe to say that most non-emos think of the following negative things when the word “emo” comes to mind.


Many believe that those of the emo persuasion are prone to the liking of self harm. During the birth of the culture cutting seemed to be a rampant practice. While generally not serious in nature, these cuts marked signs of emotional distress.


Emo is short for the word “emotional”. It is often believed that emos label themselves so because they have out of balance emotions or are more sensitive than most other people. While it’s been near tradition for generations for males to hold back their emotions, emo males express emotion freely, bringing them on a closer level to their female counterparts.


It isn’t uncommon for emos to be open in sexuality. Despite the stereotype that all emos are bisexual, many are actually straight. Some emos participate in bisexual acts just to impress the other sex.

Many people think of emos as whining, crying, cutting, depressed, sexually confused individuals. Though the above stereotypes may be true for some emos, for the most part, it’s a complete falsity. Most emos are just like any other happy, healthy, perfectly normal functioning human being. The bad stigma that comes with the label is a classic case of judging a book by an old outdated cover.

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