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We all know that Hot Topic is the most popular retailer for serving the alternative fashion cultures, but are they the only place that you can find cool emo clothes? The answer is a resounding ‘No.’ There are plenty of other places that you can shop for emo clothes depending on your sense of fashion.

There are definitely a few different types of shoppers when it comes to the emo culture. There are those who are hardcore bare bones shoppers and there are those who can take pretty much any basic style and turn it emo with the right accessories.

For the first type of shopper, Hot Topics is definitely your best bet for great easy to find emo fashion all in one place. They specifically designed emo clothes that is considered ‘trendy’ and will definitely stand you out among the crowd. They carry all of the top brands, including Hello Kitty merchandise, and popular movie apparel. They also carry all of the standard hearts, skulls, patterns, and sparrows that trendy emos typically wear.

For those who would rather go on the down low and approach emo fashion from a less ‘look at me’ style, you can easily shop just about anywhere as long as you have the right hairstyle and accessories. Skinny jeans can be found at many local retailers, such as Old Navy. Many emo girls simply wear tank tops and a lot of emo boys dress it down in plain colored t-shirts and flannels. Nothing flashy there.

Studded belts are the in fashion now, transcending emo culture, so you can get them just about anywhere. And for accessories, the best non-Hot Topic related store to shop at that still carries trendy emo jewelry is by far Claire’s Boutique. This all goes to show you that if you take the less flashy approach you can acquire an emo wardrobe without stepping foot inside Hot Topic, and I know that would suit a lot of you just fine.

So, is Hot Topic the only place that you can find emo clothes? Certainly not. But depending on what your individual emo style is, it might be the best place for you to shop. It’s really up to you and your style.

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