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Question Posted by Jessica Mesa: “im emo and i cut my wrists but my other friendz are emo but dey dnt cut demselfs all da tym lyk i do ive cut my wrist eva scence my brother died when i was 10 i love my bro but i hate life now sould i move on or keep bein emo???????”

Answer: While cutting has been branded as a typical emo stereotype, it is NOT the essence of being emo. If you believe that cutting is what made you emo in the first place, then you’re only contributing to the negative stereotype that causes so many people to shun the emo culture.

There are a lot of people who self harm who aren’t emo at all, both teenagers and adults. No one is immune to dealing with their stress in negative means just because they are not emo.

Just because you quit being emo doesn’t mean that you will stop cutting. If you are a non-poser cutter (hate to put it that way but that’s the only way I could think of to word it), then cutting has been hard wired into your brain from doing it so repetitively that you have no other way to mentally be able to cope with your stress. Deciding to suddenly not be emo is not going to make that go away.

It’s likely going to take a long period of discipline and trying other methods of stress relief to get you out of the habit of cutting when you are stressed out. Instead of trying to shed an image which isn’t the problem in the first place, try finding activities that you can engage in whenever you get super stressed out. For example, you could take a walk, work out, draw, play guitar, watch television, play video games, or sleep. There is no one size fits all solution to dealing with stress. Try different things until one sticks and can replace your desire to cut whenever you are stressed out.

If you stop being emo will you stop cutting? The answer is 99%  that it’s highly unlikely. Being emo is not the cause of your cutting, poor stress management is.

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