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Question Posted by DinosGoRawr: “I was wondering on how you get the Male Hairstyle?”

Answer: The shape of your face is important, like if you have a long face long hair is better and if you have a small face short is better also if you have a round face long hair at the front and short at the back looks the best. You need to know what you want and what would look good on you first, then you can find a picture of the kind of thing you want and you can edit it if you need to.

You might want to grow your hair a little longer than what you want so the stylist’s job is easier and take the picture with you or be very detailed in how you describe what you want.

Most dudes have choppy layers at the sides; one side is usually longer than the other, with about 2-3 inch long bangs depending on the length of the sides and short hair at the back which is usually spiked. You can also get crown spikes at the crown of your head, bits of hair cut short and spiked up.

Just as an example, he has crown spikes.

Alot of emo guys have just black hair, some with blond bangs and a few with other colours like bright blue.

Be inventive when choosing colours and where you put them. Like this guy:

Emo hairstyles can be high maintenance so you’ll need styling products. Personally I trust Schwarzkopf, but there are loads of different brands. Make sure you pick up the ones that won’t damage your hair and try to find specifics for what your using it for like spiking gel (Garnier Fructis Style spikes works).

loves y’all rec x

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