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Yes, another article on how to do emo makeup. Lol Except for in this article we’re going to cover doing the entire face instead of just the eyes.

The essence of the emo looks is relatively nature. In most cases, the most distinguishing factor is the eyes. You can achieve the natural look by only concentrating your makeup efforts on your eyes, or you can still get a comparatively natural look by doing the whole shebang.


If your skin is fairly smooth and acne free, you’ll probably want to leave out using foundation completely. Otherwise, you should start with a skin tone concealer on the more blotchy spots of your face. When you have finished applying concealer then it’s time for the foundation. There are two options for achieving the perfect emo look. Either go skin tone, which will give you a more overall natural look, or choose a shade or two lighter to give yourself a more pale complexion, which can give your eyes a nice pop with the right eye makeup.

How to apply concealer: Apply several small drops of concealer onto the spots on your face that you wish to conceal, then use the pad of your index for middle finger to tap it in. It is imperative that the color of your concealer match your skin tone. You can also apply concealer to the underneath of your eyes to help get rid of dark circles.

How to apply liquid foundation: If you are going to use liquid foundation then you need to apply it before the concealer, otherwise when you go to apply it over the concealer, sponge will wipe the concealer away and you’ll need to reapply it after you’re done applying your foundation.

To start apply foundation, you will need a sponge. First dip the sponge in water. It needs to be damn, not completely saturated. Why do we do this? Well, if the sponge is dry then it will soak up the foundation and waste some of it. If the sponge is damp then the foundation will sit on top of it and glide onto your face easily.

Put a small amount of liquid foundation onto your sponge. Remember that, oftentimes, less is more. Now start in the center of your face and apply the foundation, working from the center of your face towards the sides rather than up and down. Make sure that the foundation spreads easily.

If you have picked a foundation that matches you skin tone, and you don’t want to apply a whole bunch of makeup, then you can use the foundation only in places that you need it as long as it flawlessly blends in with the rest of your skin. If you have picked a lighter shade of foundation then you will obviously want to use it on your entire face.

If you find that foundation gathers in certain areas, such as your hairline, around your mouth, or your eyebrows, simply smooth it away with the sponge. Set the foundation with loose powder, following application.

How to apply powder foundation: Dip your brush or compact pad into the foundation. Apply the foundation to the center of your face, cheeks, forehead, and chin and blend it outwards towards the sides of your face. Blend until the foundation appears to vanish and become your natural skin tone. Pay special attention to blending around areas on your face that crease, as this is where makeup tends to build up and become most visible. Once you have finished applying the foundation, set it with loose powder.


Most emos don’t use blush at all, but if you are going to use it, it should be used sparingly. When purchasing blush, choose a light shade that matches the color of your cheeks after you have finished exercising. This is your natural blushing color. If you have dry skin, you may want to use a cream blush as it will help to keep your face hydrated. If you have oily skin, then you’re skin is better suited for a type of powder blush. You will want to have finished applying your concealer, foundation, and eye makeup before you begin applying blush.

How to apply blush: If you are using powder blush then you will start by placing a small amount of blush on your brush and then tapping it gently to knock off any excess blush so that you don’t apply too much. If you are using cream blush them apply a small amount to your middle finger. Next, look in the mirror and smile.

If you are using powder blush, you will want to place the brush on the apple of your cheek and gently brush up from your cheekbone towards your hairline. If you are using cream blush then dot it at the beginning of the apple of your cheek and gently blend it up the cheekbone toward the hairline.

Eye Shadow

Most emos opt for black or smoky eye shadows to give the eye make up a more dramatic effect and to help the color of the eyes stand out more. Applying eye shadow should be the first step in the eye makeup process.

How to apply eye shadow: Start by dusting your eyelids with a small amount of loose powder. This will keep the eye shadow from causing that horrid eye makeup clumping that tends to happen at the crease of the eye lid. It will also help your eye shadow to stay on all day long instead of swearing it off.

If you plan on using a lighter base color, then start by using a shadow brush to apply your base color from brow to lash line, sweeping across your entire eyelid. For your main color, apply to the entire eye lid, stopping at the crease. Blend the two tones of eye shadows together by stroking your eye lid gently at the blending point with an eye shadow brush. Do not use your finger as you could wipe off the eye shadow entirely and/or create a big mess.

Eye Liner

All emos who do not go for the completely natural look wear fairly dramatic eye makeup. Using pencil eye liner will not give your eyes as much of a stand out dramatic affect as liquid eye liners do. For that reason, in this tutorial I’m only going to teach how to apply liquid eye liner. Most emos wear black eye liner only, but you can experiment with different colors as you like. Use eye liner after you’ve applied your eye shadow and before you’ve applied your mascara.

How to apply eye liner: Rest the elbow of the hand that you’re going to use to apply your eyeliner on a hard surface and rest the wrist of that hand against your face. Tilt your head back slowly and open your eyes halfway. This allows you to see what you’re doing while also giving you a good angle for application.

Draw a line across the upper lid of the last line, as close to the lashes as possible while still remaining on the lid. This will help create the illusion of longer lashes. For a more dramatic affect, you can make this line thicker. Once you have done this, wait for a couple of seconds to allow the liquid liner to dry before you completely open your eyes, otherwise it will transfer onto your eyelids when you open your eyes and create a mess. Follow the same steps for your lower eye lid. If you mess up, you can remove the eye liner by tipping the tip of a cotton swab into some eye make up remover and rubbing it over the eye liner. Needless to say, be careful not to get it in your eyes.


A lot of emo girls who like the more dramatic effect will opt to apply fake eye lashes. This can look very cute on the right girl and is a popular practice of the emo culture. For those of us who don’t have the patience to do that, here’s a mascara tutorial. There are tons of different types of mascara to choose from. For the purpose of emo makeup, it’s recommended that you choose a brand that is designed for lengthening. Most emos wear black mascara. Applying mascara is the last step in the eye makeup process.

How to apply mascara: Start by curling your eyelashes. Remove the wand from the mascara tube in one pull. Do not pump it in and out. This pushes air into the tube which dries out your mascara.

Holding the wand parallel to your eyelid, apply the mascara starting with the underside of your upper lashes, moving the brush slowly upward from the base of your lashes to their tips. To separate your eye lashes and keep them from clumping together, roll the brush slowly on the upward stroke. This is a step that so many people miss and is the main cause of ugly clumping eye lashes.

Allow the first coat of mascara to dry and then apply a second coat using the same steps mentioned above. If your eye lashes do happen to clump together, you can separate them before they dry with an eye lash comb. If you applied too much mascara, you can blot your eye lashes with tissue paper to remove the excess.

For the lower lashes, repeat the above steps, stroking downward from the base of the eyelash to the tip. Only apply one coat of mascara as opposed to the two coats that you use on the upper eye lashes. To remove any mascara that may have accidentally gotten onto your face, use a cotton swab with a small amount of eye makeup remover to blot the stray mascara away.

Lip Gloss

Most emos I know don’t wear lip stick. Those that do choose to go with a natural tone. Many, however, do wear lip gloss. It makes the lips shine all pretty like, keeps them hydrated, and usually either smells and/or tastes fruity. Yum!

How to apply lip gloss: The process of applying lip gloss is fairly simple and straight forward. For liquid lip gloss, take the applicator stick and rub the gloss on your lips, evenly distributing it. For roll-on lip gloss, roll the roller across your lips, starting with your bottom lip and then the top lip. For tube lip gloss, put a small amount on your finger and rub it on your lips, evenly distributing it.

Try not to apply the lip gloss too thick as this can cause it to cake at the sides of your mouth and look gross. Also, you don’t want to be eating it. If you accidentally apply outside of your lip line, wipe the excess lip gloss off with a tissue, as wet lip gross on skin is also very unattractive. Do not blot the lip gloss once it is applied. This will cause it to lose it’s shine and thusly defeat the purpose of applying it in the first place. If you want, you can apply lip gloss after you apply your lip stick.

I think this is more of a book than an article. Lol Anyway, there you have it folks, how to apply emo makeup. Add your own makeup tips in the comments section.

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