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Transitioning between styles can be a difficult period in your life, especially if you hang out with a group of people from a certain culture whose style you’re transitioning away from. Many times, changes are gradual. In fact, if you want to learn how to become emo and still keep the same friends that you have right now, then it would be best to make the change gradual so that you don’t send your friends into shock or have people calling you a poser.

So, if you really want to know how to become emo then you need start at the core of what emo really is, which is a style of music. The truth of the matter is that you can look emo, but if you listen to, we’ll say primarily country music for the sake of argument, then  you’re just going to come off as a poser.  If you like the emo style but don’t enjoy the music, then the truth is that you’ll never truly be emo as the way that society sees it.

If you like the music and are ready to make a change of fashion, then slow and steady will win the race. And by slow, I don’t mean taking an entire year to transition your style, but if you don’t want to come off as an uber poser then you should probably take about a month or two to gradually change things. This will not only help your friends ease into the idea of you being emo, but will also make things feel less awkward for you than having a sudden overnight switch. Obviously, if you have a lot of emo friends then this transition period may occur faster and be a lot less awkward for all parties involved.

Here’s a slow transition guidelines that you can follow to achieve the style you want while not throwing your friends into shock or seeming like a poser who switched styles overnight.

Week 1: Start wearing emo band shirts or shirts that are symbolic to the emo culture.
Week 2: Trade out the shoes that you normally wear for Converse, Vans, or ballerina flats (if you’re a girl).
Week 3: Switch over to wearing skinny jeans.
Week 4: Accessorize. Go buy some studded belts or jewelry to accessorize your outfit.
Week 5: Get a new haircut.
Week 6: Change up your makeup (if you’re a girl).

You may be tempted to change your style overnight, but that’s not how to become emo if you plan on attracting other emos and don’t currently have any emo friends. Drastic overnight changes of style are very characteristic of posers and have a 99% fail rate for your reputation in assimilating with people of the new culture that you wish to become a part of.

Notice that I didn’t mention picking up any negative stereotypes in how to become emo. There is no need for you to act any different than you already act. After all, being who you really are will always get you farther ahead than being fake.

If anyone else has any tips on how to become emo, please feel free to leave them below so that other people who are interested in making the change might have an easier transition period.

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