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Question Posted by XXsamie sicknessXX: QUESTION!!!!!- ok, ive always wanted to be a “scene” model right? everyone tells me i should. heres the thing, idk where to go, who to send my pictures to. most sites i find are FANSITES and not a site u send pics to so u can be a model. do U kno where i should go?

how to become a scene model

Answer: Breaking into the modeling industry takes a lot of work, scene or otherwise. For people with alternative styles, it’s even more challenge to actually make a decent living doing it because the market isn’t as vast. It’s really all about building your portfolio, building connections, and putting yourself out there.

So, where to start. The first thing you’re going to need to do is start building a portfolio. Most people or companies who would actually pay you to model for them won’t even consider it without first seeing your portfolio. And by building a portfolio, I don’t mean a collection of photographs of you holding a camera taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom. You’re going to need a collection of artfully done pictures, taken in a variety of outfits and posses, that were taken by someone else (unless you have a really good camera with a timer setting).

Create a Model Mayhem account at http://www.modelmayhem.com/ A lot of internet famous scene models have a Model Mayhem account. Model Mayhem is great because it helps easily connect models to photographers. You can look  at the accounts of other models to get an idea of how you should create your profile and what types of pictures should be in your portfolio.

Of course, having a Model Mayhem account by itself probably won’t get you that far. You really need to put yourself out there, get your name around, and build experience. If there are any alternative clothing stores close to where you live, you should go to them and ask if they need a model for their website, catalog, print work, or any upcoming runway shows that they might have going on (if it’s a small establishment, they likely won’t do runway shows). Keep in mind that small mom and pop shops probably won’t pay you in cash. I’ve been paid in free clothing and clothing discounts before. Still, every gig you land, even the smallest one, can be added to your modeling profile to build credibility.

If you live in Southern California, you could hit up Hot Topic. They recruit models locally through their website. You can check out their modeling requirements at the following link. http://community.hottopic.com/content/modeling-info.

If you’re 18 or over, you could also mail or e-mail the owners or editors of tattoo, piercing, and music magazines. These types of magazines are often looking for new alternative style models for their print spreads. Even if you can’t find it clearly stated that they’re looking for models, it never hurts to contact them anyways.

Other things that you can do. Sign up for as many alternative modeling websites as you can. You want you picture . . . quite literally, all over the internet. If you can make yourself internet famous, like Alex Evans, then getting modeling gigs will be a lot easier.

Disclaimer: It’s a lot harder for alternative models to have full time modeling careers. Most modeling agencies won’t take them because the niche is so obscure and limited. Though the acceptance of alternative style in the modeling industry is growing more widely accepted, it’s much easier and a more popular practice for a large scale company to take a regular model and dress her up alternative style for whatever photo shoot or runway show that they’re doing. That’s why alternative modeling agencies are pretty much non-existent.

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