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Alright, before anyone chases after me with a pitchfork, I posted this video only because it made me LOL a lot. These guys obviously don’t know what it is to be emo and this is obviously a spoof video. So, if you don’t get it or just absolutely hate it, go get a sense of humor and then come back later.

I’m admittedly a pretty big fan of spoof videos. I like to laugh just as much as anyone else. Some things are meant to be taken seriously and some things aren’t. I find it unfortunate that a lot of people can’t tell the difference.

I think this video was made amazingly well. The use of the camera, music, and props is excellent. And you really can’t beat the Bloopers at the end as far as YouTube style videos go. All in all, I think these guys did a great job making a very creatively funny video.

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