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Question posted by KassiBassi: “How would you get the female hair style?”

Answer: The best way to get the female emo hair style that you desire is to print out a picture closest to the style that you want and take it to your hair stylist. This is by far the best way to ensure accuracy and that your stylist will understand exactly what you want.

You can also show them pictures via your cell phone, though the small detail may make it hard for them to distinguish exactly how the style is reproduced in intricacy.

If you don’t have an internet connection for your phone or a printer then the next best thing would be to describe in detail what you want. The female emo hair style, as depicted above, consists of drastic layering. Obviously, the longer your hair, the better. From about the base of the head up, the rest of the hair is typically razored to give it a fuller look. You may also want to mention where your hair will be parted at so that they can create the style correctly. Most female emo hair styles part from a single point at the top/back or side of the head.

In case you’re wondering, I used the picture above because this is the one I’m taking to my hair stylist when I go to get my hair cut next.

Any good hair stylist will show you how to style your hair as well as what products they use.

If you already have your hair cut to accomodate the above hair style, you can style it by flat ironing your hair straight and then using some hair paste or hair spray to tussle the top and give it a fuller look.

Hair paste is great for giving small groups of hair that perfectly in place sleek and spikey look. I personally recommend Redken Rough Paste for the job. I would especially recommend using hair paste if you don’t plan on using bobby pins to pin back your bangs.

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