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This was a question from one of our forum members, but I thought I would post it here since it seems to be a popular question. You can view the original thread by clicking on the link below:


I bet my hairstylist could replicate Oli Sykes hair easily. :-p She’s afuckingmazing. So, let’s start with a picture. His hair looks different in several of the pictures that I’ve seen of him, but we’ll use the one below as a basic model.

To get your hair like his, it would need to be a little past shoulder length. Luckily, this is a style that you can start shorter and grow into. He has a side swooping bang, with scissoring. You would definitely need a flat iron if your hair isn’t already straight.

Once you actually have your hair cut that way, you would follow these steps to style it. I’ll tell you what you need to do and give you the names of recommended products. You can get a price check on the products I recommend by clicking on the names of the products in this article.

After you wash your hair, put some Redken Align 12 ultra-straight balm to damp or towel dried hair. For hair that short you’d only need about one pump, otherwise it would make your hair look kind of greasy. Then blow dry your hair straight with a paddle brush.

Once the hair is dry, and relatively straight, spray in some Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide before flat ironing it straight the rest of the way. This is another product you use sparingly. It protects your hair from heat damage and also gives it a nice shine. Straight ironing the hair is pretty self explanitory.

His hair style is pretty straight, so that’s really all there is to it. If you wanted to make it a bit spikey you could throw in some Redken Rough Paste and tussle the back a little bit or put some on your tips to make them feather out like his do in some of his other pictures. I’d only use maybe a quarter or half of a pump though, cause that stuff goes a long way.

Anyway, my best recommendation would be to print a picture out and take it to your barber/hairstylist. He/She could cut and style your hair for you and recommend the products that they used to make it look like his. Or you could teleport here and I could style your hair for you. XD

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