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Emo fashion is now a major trend for many high school students and those freshly out of high school. Emo has defined a new genre with tight jeans and interesting hair styles. Though emos claim that they typically go against the grain, you have to follow a certain grain to be considered part of the culture and style.

Emo hair styles for girls can be varied, from straight and one color to big and multi-colored. Originally, the female emo hairstyle consisted of black dyed hair, flat ironed straight, and a swoop of bangs partially or entirely covering one eye. Though the flat iron still plays a huge role in female emo hair styles, it’s now sometimes used a bit more creatively.

Big hair has become an in thing accented with huge hair bows, a style that hasn’t been seen in a very long time. Long flowing hair is typically the norm for female emo hair styles. You will rarely see an emo female with short or curly hair. The swoop has also almost completely disappeared from the female emo hairstyle as well as keeping the hair dyed black. The most popular colors for hair dye are black, platinum, a mix of black and platinum, or one or the other mixed with radically colored hair dye.

Male emo hair styles almost always incorporate the use of a flat iron. The swooping bang is still a very popular trend. Razoring has also become recently popular. A choppy uneven or even homemade hair cut is an emo signature. Though black hair color is still moderately popular among emo males, the trend has changed to incorporate the same dying methods as their female counterparts use.

For both emo males and emo females, tight clothing is part of the deal. Male emos almost always wear skinny jeans. And when skinny jeans for men aren’t available, it’s not uncommon to see them shopping in the women’s clothing section. Shirts on both males and females are skin tight, and the outfit is almost always accented with some sort of fashionable belt.

Emo boys usually wear either Converse, Vans, or a shoe designed for skateboarding. Female emos typically wear either Converse or a stylist ballerina slipper, also called flats. With the emergence of the emo culture came the emergence of hundreds of different fun printed shoes. In fact, it’s safe to say that emos have helped redefine the shoe industry in terms of colors and patterns.

Emo fashion is an incredibly fun style. From shopping for shoes to accessories, there are a variety of items custom tailored to this culture. Though once a more dark culture, the world is now a bit more colorful due to emo fashion, which has evolved throughout the years same as the culture itself.

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