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We all have quarks, and little ticks, we all bear some mark of shame, some more than others, others less than some. Does this mean we are not good enough, does it not mean that we fail to be perfect, no we are all imperfect beings in an imperfect world. We thrive to make it perfect, we thrive to try and better that which can never be. How funny, that imperfect beings strive to be perfect full well knowing, we never will. How ridiculous, how insane, but it’s that insanity which makes us human, that little nature that says “try and try, go even though you will fail.” Though Failure is where mans greatest Glory can be found, not in victory, nor defeat, we are not defeated even though we mess up, through failure comes success, because through are valiant failures, comes our valiant knowledge. There are some who never learn from failure, some who refuse to see the light in their own success, such twisted thinking, such in morality, but twisted thinking indeed. In us all, lays this distortion of reality, it comes in various forms; it strikes in a variety of ways. We are not born from it, it’s acquired, I tell you we all will face many things in life, change, failure, success, and many others. To let these affect us would be folly, and crazy. But to overcome them that would be crazy indeed.

But how do we it’s quite simple we do not let the failure overcome us, we se the brighter side of things instead of the painful losses. It’s quite possible I assure, evrything we see in our lives is distorted to our own version of reality, and most of the time we see the downside. How cynical, but truth is truth, no matter how blind we may be.

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