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What could be more romantic than creating a species of vampire that has a full range of fragile human emotions. While the concept of vampires is centuries old, the concept of emo vampires is fairly new. But what is an emo vampire and how do they compare to other types of vampires?

An emo is a certain type of person who listens to melodramatic sometimes screamed lyrics of intense emotional torment and typically dresses in dark colors with a side swooping bang that covers one eye. While this isn’t true for all emos, many people of the emo subculture are generally depressed and enjoy writing poetry to convey their emotional thoughts and feelings. Many argue that emo is a type of music and scene is the style that’s derived from it, but the fact of the matter is that it was all encompassed under the word ‘emo’ to begin with.

In fiction literature, vampires are often depicted as fierce predators void of most compassionate human emotions. How else would they be able to kill people unless they had somehow managed to detach themselves from their human counterparts. Historically though, it has been written time and time again that the one human emotion that most vampires keep close at heart is love.

Now let’s combine the two and see what we come up with. Emo vampires would likely be on one or the other side of the spectrum, either thrilled at killing all who opposed them or clinging to the human emotions that would cause taking another life to be incredibly traumatic for them. Obviously, the later of the two would make a more interesting internal struggle.

While vampires have recently renewed captivation in the hearts of teenagers and adults alike, emo vampires have yet to push their way onto the stage. Perhaps the two will never be combined in popular fiction, but it would certainly be an interesting thing to see.

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