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Emos have quite a few fashion trends, from tight clothing to flat ironed hair. From head to toe, you can tell if someone fits the emo genre. We could talk about a lot of things that make someone look emo, but for now let’s talk about the shoes. Historically, shoes have been a girls best friend, next to diamonds. In the emo culture, shoes also help to make the man. The most popular shoe trends amount emos, both male and female, are Converse, Vans, and ballerina slippers or flats.

Converse has been around for a long time. Originally, this style of emo shoe was generously adopted by the punk subculture. The most popular form of this shoe is the Converse All-Star High Top. Most popularly seen in the classic black and white, thanks to the emo subculture, this shoe now comes in a large variety of colors and styles. This was originally the shoe of choice for all emos, both male and female.

Vans gain most of their popularity with the male population of emos. Vans produces a great skater shoe, and quite a few emos happen to also be skaters. There are many styles and colors available of Vans.

Ballerina flats have recently gained in popularity. They’re comfortable, easy to slip on, and stylish. Due to their inexpensive construction, they’re affordable for pretty much anyone. And thanks to the emo culture, they come in literally hundreds of different colors and patterns. Though emo females have popularized this form of shoe, it has been embraced by everyone from the stay at home mom to the office worker.

Emo shoe choices have revolutionized the shoe industry, making more money for shoe manufacturers as well as expanding the aesthetic repertoire of shoe colors and styles for other shoe coinsures. Whether they are bought for their function or appearance, Converse, Vans, and the various ballerina flat companies have made sure that there is a shoe for every emo. Odds are, these shoe companies will keep evolving with the times and styles and be on top of the teenage shoe niche for a long time.

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