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Emo shirts are a big part of the emo image, especially for guys. There are basically 3 different types of emo shirts: a plain black t-shirt or tank top, a band shirt, or a graphic or novelty t-shirt. Of course, thanks to the expansion of the style, there is a much broader range of shirts that can be considered emo shirts, but for the sake of brevity this article is going to focus on those three types of emo shirts.

The classic black t-shirt was a staple in the original introduction of emo culture into society. It’s still fairly popular today as they are inexpensive to buy and can be worn plain or accessorized. Popular ways to spice up a black t-shirt are to throw a flannel on over it, or accessorize with a bandana.

Next in the line up of emo shirts is band t-shirts. This is a staple for most emo guys. Band shirts are a great way to tell the world who you listen to and allow them to associate your style, not only with the way that you dress, but with the type of music that you listen to. Older rock band t-shirts are also popular as well as shirts of current bands.

Typically, female emos swing more towards wearing novelty or graphic t-shirts as opposed to band shirts. These emo shirts will usually have a popular character, such as Zim from Invader Zim, or a catchy phrase with a cute character. Cupcakes and dinosaurs are pretty popular right now.

A lot of emo girls simply wear plain tank tops and accessorize the living hell out of them. The truth is that you can make almost any shirt fit in with your emo style if you know how to accessorize it correctly.

The emo shirts pictured in this article are available from Hot Topic.

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