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A lot has gone on in the land of Emo Rawr lately. Many changes are coming, so today I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled programming . . . because your regularly schedules programming is about to get amped.

I’ll start by saying that we lost two writers this week. Rek is currently having personal issues and Loner301 is preparing to join the military. We wish them both all our best in their future endeavors.

Sunset High: Musical Chairs has been edited, had a cover redesign, and has been published on the Kindle. The new version features some extra content and it’s currently available for download to your Kindle or PC for $0.99. The original version is still free for download on our Books page. The published version has already had sales, so the outlook for the series is good so far. The second novelette in the series is currently in production with no tentative release date. More than likely though, it will be published by the end of the month and also available on Amazon. I will add a link in the sidebar when this happens. Also, you can join the newsletter on the Books page to be pre-informed of the release.

I have posted a link to Sunset High: Musical Chairs on Amazon below. If you plan on purchasing it to help support the site, please wait a few days as I’m about to do another edit on it. After I began writing the second novelette, I realized that there was something I still need to change in the first novelette so that everything will work out as planned. Therefore if you click on the link below and it doesn’t take you to the sales page, that means that the book is currently in the review process and should be available for purchase within 24 hours. I’m not certain if I’ll get to editing it today or tomorrow. You can still purchase it right now, just be forewarned that you may notice a discrepancy between the first novelette and second novelette in the series, which is what I will be working to correct shortly. Anyways, you can click on the image below to be taken to the sales page.

In other news Emo Rawr itself has also been published on the Kindle. This is something that I’m doing as a test. Basically, Kindle users will be able to subscribe to Emo Rawr via the Kindle for a small monthly fee, currently $1.99 per month which will likely drop to $0.99 per month in the next few weeks. Having said that, it’s time to ramp up the content on the site. But before I get into that, here’s the link to where you can subscribe:

Emo Rawr for the Kindle

Having said that, subscribing is currently down for the next 24 hours as I had to update some info on Amazon. Now you may be wondering how this affects the site. As the subscription program is currently in beta mode, there is really no way to know how many, if any, paid subscribers that Emo Rawr is going to get. Kindle for Blogs in itself is in beta mode right now so it’s not a horribly popular thing at the moment.

In lieu of this test run, Emo Rawr is going to be getting fresh new content 6 days a week for the rest of this month and the month of April. Keeping on this increased posting schedule will largely depend on how many Kindle subscribers the blog gets and how much income it generates between now and the end of April. Having said that, the posting schedule is going to be as follows.

Monday – Poetry
Tuesday – Ask an Emo
Wednesday – Articles
Thursday – Band Info
Friday – Picture Post
Saturday – Video Post

Some of you are probably jumping for joy at the fact that what is getting posted on specific days is no longer a mystery as I’m sure that some of you prefer posts from one section of the website over another. These changes will be taking place as of this upcoming Monday.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this article, please feel free to post them below and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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