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Alright guys, so there is a lot of exciting stuff going on right now.

A New Writer for Emo Rawr

Emo Rawr has gotten a new writer for the site. You’ve seen her on the forum as Saz336 but her real name is Violet. She’ll be taking over the Articles portion of the site and will be posting a new article every Wednesday, starting next Wednesday. If you have suggestions for future articles that you would like to see on the site, please email her directly at darksidewhitelace@hotmail.co.uk and put Emo Rawr as the subject line.

Where Are You Guys?!?

While you can find many of the Emo Rawr crew hanging around Emo Rawr on the forum and the shoutbox and what not, the real social action is happening over at Emo Connection. So if you want to come hang out with us in a more social setting, you’re more than welcome to go set up an account at the forum. Violet and I are on almost every day and there are more active members over there than we have on the Emo Rawr forum. So if you feel like getting social, then get on over there and start posting.

You can get to Emo Connection by clicking on this link.

The Emo Rawr Novella Series

Production has begun on Emo Rawr’s new series of novellas. The first free issue is scheduled to be released on April 1st, at which point it will be available on the site for download. The subject for the first series is going to be vampires, since that seems to be the breadwinner from the poll vote.

A New Poetry Section

A while ago an Emo Rawr fan sent me an email requesting that an Emo Poetry section be added to the site. I absolutely suck at writing poetry so I kind of dismissed the thought until I came up with, what I think to be, a fairly brilliant idea.

There are members of both Emo Rawr and Emo Connection that enjoy posting poetry. I was thinking about adding a poetry section to Emo Rawr and importing poetry from the Promote sections of both forums. All original authors will be given credit to their work on the Emo Rawr published page. Comments would be closed on these posts and instead there would be a link that redirected to the original poem posted on the forum so that readers could carry on discussion there. This would serve the duel purpose of filling the request for a poetry section to be added, and also help to stimulate active member responses on the forums.

I’ve decided to open a poll for the subject. Whatever the majority vote is after 10 votes will be the deciding factor for whether or not a poetry section is added to the Emo Rawr website.

Poll is closed.

Emo Rawr Dating

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the dating site that was once connected to Emo Rawr. When the site transfered hosting accounts, some of the dating site’s files got messed up and the site got deleted. Since then, there has been expressed interest for me to bring back an emo dating platform to Emo Rawr.

As with the poetry section, please vote on whether or not you’d like to see this happen.

Poll is closed.

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