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As you guys know, I’ve created Sunset High almost specifically for the purpose of bringing revenue to the site. Having said that, I’m currently engaged in a minor marketing campaign to get the free issue out and spread around. For the next 5 weeks, every Friday I’m going to be posting very boring articles related to emo books or the theme of Sunset High. These are specifically for marketing purposes and unfortunately they need to make it onto the site to help it rank for certain keywords. These articles aren’t the most well written. I pumped each one out in about 10 minutes without editing them, so yeah . . . nothing exciting. Anyways, here’s the first one.

While there aren’t many emo books in the marketplace, the ones that are available typically fall into 3 different types. These types are books that help parents understand what emo is, books that teach teenagers how to be emo, and emo fiction. Each one has its own unique elements which I’ll explain below.

Emo Books for Parents

When the emo craze took the world by storm, there was a lot of parental concern associated with all of the negative stereotypes of the culture. Dressing in all black, being generally over emotional, and self harming all gave parents a reason to feel concerned as to whether being emo was just a phase of self expression or a slow decline of mental illness. A few brave authors decided to take the bull by the horns and write manuals explaining to parents what exactly emo is, where it came from, and whether or not parents should be worried about their children’s safety because of it.

Emo Books for Teenagers

How to be emo? It’s surprisingly a widely searched phrase on the internet. Needless to say, there is a market for selling the ins and outs of the culture in a perfectly packaged book. That’s not to say that many parents would want their children to buy such a book, but there are certainly books out there that explain what exactly the emo culture is and how to obtain the style.

Emo Fiction

Emo fiction is like any other genre of fiction except that the characters are based off of emo culture. Having said that, sometimes people of the emo culture can more easily relate to the characters that they believe to share their same style and interests. There are a few emo books on the market that follow the lives of emos, some of which are rather popular.

Your favorite type of book will depend on what you’re into or what you need to know. Parents will obviously be more inclined to pick up a book relating to their concerns and understanding their child better. Teenagers looking to convert over to the emo style will be more interested in a ‘how to’ type of book. And those that are already of the culture would probably have the most interest in emo fiction.

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