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It was requested that I do a post on emo accessories and where to get them, so here it is. Since I honestly don’t do too much shopping away from the house and online, I’d be interested to hear other people chime in on where they buy their emo accessories. In fact, I’d like to start a list, and whenever someone suggests something it can be added so that this can become a great resource for all who are interested in the topic.

My favorite places to shop for emo accessories and which accessories I buy at them are listed below:

1.) Claire’s Boutique – The motherload of emo hair accessories ranging from extensions to bows to head bands. They also usually have a great selection of jewelry as well as carrying popular brand accessories such as Hello Kitty and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Some other things you can find there are belts, shoes, sun glasses, wrist bands, and occasionally a decent messenger bag.

Unfortunately they don’t have a huge online presence so if you don’t have one near you then I would recommend checking out eBay, which I’ll discuss later on.

2.) Hot Topic – This should be a no brainer. Hot Topic has pretty much anything emo related that you could ever imagine.

3.) Ebay – I mention Ebay only because you can find almost anything on there and at dirt cheap prices. If you’re a bargain shopper then this is the place to go.

4.) Walmart - Some of you may gasp and hiss at this suggestion, but Walmart will occasionally carry some decent belts and purses. Last time I went I bought a really cute black and purple zebra stripped belt from Walmart. I’ve also bought a reversable skull purse from there a while back. This is hit and miss but the prices are really good so it’s worth checking out.

5.) The Dollar Store - You may gasp again, but I’ve found a lot of really cute hair accessories at the dollar store and occasionally you can even find a cute cheapie pair of ballerina flats there. It’s also a decent place to look for sunglasses.

6.) Spencers Gifts – While I can’t speak for every Spencers Gift store out there, the one by my house has the biggest selection of emo belts that I have ever seen. They also have a pretty decent selection of belt buckles as well as wrist bands and other common emo accessories.

This is my own personal list of stores that I shop at for emo accessories. Share your suggestions and together we can work on creating the ultimate resource for emo accessories.

Reader Suggested Places to Shop

1.) Ardene
2.) Enchanted Sun (in England)
3.) Silver Moon (in England)
4.) High 5
5.) PacSun
6.) Torrid

Now let’s get into discussing the different types of emo accessories. Of course, you don’t have to wear all of these things to be considered emo, but the accessories listed below are those most commonly seen in the emo fashion circle. For the sake of order, I’ll list them from head to toe.

Hair Bows

Hair bows are absolutely adorable, whether they be small or huge and many emo girls (including myself) love to where them. They can be applied functionally to clip back pieces of hair or bangs into place or used souly as an accentuating accessory.

Where to get them: Claire’s Boutique, Hot Topics, EBay, The Dollar Store. (Really, depending on how picky you are, you can find small hair bows almost any where. It’s the larger hair bows that are a challenge to get your hands on.)


Thin and plain or wide and color, headbands are definitely in style with the emo culture. Many times you can get them with bows already attached which kills two birds with one stone.

Where to get them: You can buy headbands just about anywhere. For ones with extra large bows attached to them though, I recommend Claire’s Boutique, Hot Topic, or EBay.

Body Jewelry

Piercings are hot! Lip rings and hip piercings are especially in for those of the emo culture. A lot of emos also have a wide range of other piercings.

Where to get them: While you could go to Hot Topics and pay outrageous prices for body jewelry, there are 2 places that I highly recommend, starting with EBay. This is by far the cheapest place to buy body jewelry and the range of styles is almost endless. Second I would recommend going to your local tattoo parlor. The increased popularity in body piercing has helped to drive the prices of jewelry way down. I’ve found that at most tattoo parlors, at least in Texas, you can buy a piece of basic jewelry for around $5.


Many people express themselves through the types of jewelry that they wear. Popular emo jewelry includes: razor blades, hand cuffs, Hello Kitty, skulls, and stars.

Where to get them: Claire’s Boutique and Hot Topics.

Scarves and Bandanas

Though not my favorite emo trend, I’ve seen quite a few emos, especially guys, where them. Scarves and bandanas are typically worn around the neck, though I’ve seen some emo guys use scarves as hair accessories.

Where to get them: For scarves and bandanas with specific emo related patterns, I recommend Claire’s Boutique, Hot Topics, or EBay.


Back in the day, emo glasses meant exactly the pair pictured above. Now a days however, large framed glasses are very popular as well.

Where to get them: Claire’s Boutique: They literally have the exact pair of glasses pictured above in stock there. Hot Topics, EBay, and The Dollar Store.

Belts and Belt Buckles

No emo is complete without a bad ass belt. While a belt buckle is optional, studded and/or printed belts are typically found around every emo waist.

Where to get them: For belts – Hot Topics, Claire’s Boutique, Spencers Gifts, EBay, Amazon, and Walmart. For belt buckles – Hot Topics, Spencers Gifts, EBay, your local head shop, and Amazon.

Wristbands, Sweatbands, and Rubber Bracelets

Emo arm accessories come in many different forms, from wearing a buttload of the plastic braceletes depicted above, to wearing sweatbands with designs, images, or logos on them, to wearing Livestrong type rubber bracelets with clever sayings on them. In one form or another, wrist accessories are always popular in emo fashion.

Where to get them: Hot Topics and Claire’s Boutique.

Messenger Bags

While messenger bags aren’t near as popular as they used to be, they are still an important part of the history of emo culture so I thought that they were worth an honorable mention.

Where to get them: The only two place that I would recommend whole heartedly if you’re specifically shopping for messenger bags is Hot Topic or Ebay. They have the widest variety of emo style messenger bags that I have ever seen. Claire’s Boutique and Spencers Gifts are hit and miss as far as having anything specifically emo related. But of course, if you wanted to go plain and non-flashy, you could always check out Urban Outfitters or Walmart.

Well guys, that wraps up today’s article. I hope you enjoyed it. If you know of any super bad ass places to shop for emo accessories then please list them below so that we can start compiling a list.

One last note on the subject. A great resource for shopping for emo accessories is a website called Polyvore. You can go to their scene section be clicking on the red text.

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