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75 Pictures of Pretty Emo Girls

pretty emo girlsHere’s another post for the guys . . . or urm, bi-sexual girls and lesbians. There’s not really too much left to be said about these girls except for that they’re emo and they’re pretty. lol So, instead of my yammering on senselessly, here are the goods. And yes, I already know that some of these pictures are of the same girl.  Enjoy 75 pictures of beautiful sexy emo girls….

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45 Pictures of Cameron Ugh

Cameron Ugh

cameron ugh pic

50 Pictures of Cameron Ugh

Cameron Ugh is a famous scene/emo internet model, much like Alex Evans and Alex McKee, just a bit less well known. Cameron Ugh is 18 years old and currently lives in Houston, Texas. He’s 5’8, 123 pounds, and does a variety of different types of modeling gigs from photo shoots to runway. His sexual orientation is gay.

Like a lot of attractive emo guys, there are many people online that tend to steal his pictures and try to fake him. Cameron is pretty big about going after his fakes. So, if you see someone using his pictures and claiming to be someone else, then he’d probably appreciate you reporting it to one of his many accounts. You can find a list of some of his accounts below.

As usual, there are more than 45 pics here of Cameron. I like to round to 5 though, so yeah.

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58 Emo Pics of Love

58 Emo Pics of Love

Emo Pics Of Love That Celebrate The Emo Subculture

emo pics of loveSo, I got a cool new plugin for . . . well, all of my websites, that’s designed to make them easier to find in the search engines. So, I’m testing it out on this one with emo pics of love as the main keywords. Just letting you guys know so you’ll understand why this particular post looks so funky. Anytime you see a post formatted in the same way that this emo pics of love post is formatted, it will be because I’m trying to rank it higher in Google. Having said that, not all posts will look like this as most of them aren’t purposely optimized for the search engines. You’ll pretty much only be seeing this on article posts. This is emo pics of love post actually a picture post, but for the purpose of the keyword optimization I’m using it as an article post. Now that I’ve explained that, time to get on to what this post is really about, emo pics of love. And yes, I also repeated the phrase emo pics of love about a million times for the pleasure of Google.

Emo Pics of Love

In most schools across the country, there aren’t a whole lot of emos and/or scene kids. There are probably only a handful in almost every school. Having said that, it’s often hard for emos to get into relationships with other emos. Many times, emos will hook up with people from other subcultures.

I created this emo pics of love post to celebrate that which is one of the brighter emotions of the emo culture. Some of these pictures are of couples: straight, gay, and lesbian. Some of them are deviations from DeviantArt. Some of them are random drawings. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these 58 emo pics of love.
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55 Pictures of Anime Emo Guys

Below are 55 pictures of anime emo guys. Some you may recognize from your favorite anime series, a lot of them are deviations from DeviantArt, some of them are deviations of your favorite anime characters, and some of them look more gothic but I decided to include them anyways. I was actually surprised to find so many pictures considering that when I looked for pictures of anime emo girls the pickings were slim. You’ll have to forgive me for putting so many Naruto related pics in the mix. I’m a Naruto fanatic. Anyways, here are the goods. Enjoy!

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17 Pictures of Anime Emo Girls

A lot of emos love anime and manga, so I thought I would do a picture post of anime emo girls. A lot of the characters below were made by people on DeviantArt, but you may recognize some of them from various animes and mangas.  Not much else to say other than enjoy these Anime Emo Pictures, other than to list out my favorite Emo Anime Series:

  • Bleach
  • Black Butler
  • Death Note

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