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30 Seconds to Mars

Band Members

Jared Leto – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Songwriter
Shannon Leto – Drums and Percussion
Tomo Milicevic – Lead Guitar and Keyboards

30 Seconds to Mars was formed in 1998 by lead singer and actor Jared Leto and his brother Shannon Leto. The band classifies themselves as rock, but they are most widely recognized by the emo culture for their popular song The Kill. Other genres that the band have been classified as are hard rock, neo-progressive, progressive metal, alternative metal, and post-grunge. Though they have a ton of songs, I admittedly only like a handful, but the ones that I do like are really good.

Originally, the band consisted of Jared, Shannon, and Matt Wachter (who was the original bassist and keyboard player for the group). The band had several guitarists before finally settling on Tomo Milicevic to more stably fill the position.

The band’s name, 30 Seconds to Mars, originates from a thesis that a Harvard professor wrote speaking about the evolution of man and technology. The band’s motto is “Provehito in Altum”, which translates from Latin into “Launch forth into the deep”

30 Seconds to Mars currently has three studio albums which are 30 Seconds to Mars (released in 2002), A Beautiful Lie (released in 2005), and This is War (released in 2009).

You can check out pictures of the band as well as sample some of their music below. For band merchandise, please Click Here.

My Chemical Romance

Band Members:

Gerard Way – Vocalist
Frank Iero- Rythm Guitarist
Ray Toro – Lead Guitarist
Mikey Way – Bassist

MCR formed in New Jersy, in 2001. The band is named after the book, Ecstacy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance. They get classed as: gothic rock, punk, heavy metal, glam rock and metal, and progressive rock but most often emo. Gerard Way believes they are violent dangerous pop not emo, but apparently Mikey says there what-else-ya-got-emo.

They first signed with Eyeball Records and released there debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love in 2002. They then signed with Reprise Records and realeasd their major label debut Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge in 2004, which is the only album I own by MCR. Sad but true. In 2006 they released The Black Parade, which I love. Their fouth and latest album is Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (kill joys make some noise! :) )

loves y’all REK xx

You can contact me at with ideas for the site or questions or watev. xx

Framing Hanley

Band Members:

Kenneth Nixon – Lead Singer and Songwriter
Ryan Belcher – Guitarist
Brandon Wootten – Guitarist
Luke McDuffee – Bassist
Drummer – Chris Vest

Framing Hanley is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee and formed in 2005.  Their first album was The Moment in 2007. Their second was A Promise to Burn. Their singles are Lollipop, Hear Me Now, You Stupid Girl, Back to Go Again and WarZone.

The band name used to be Embers Fade untill the end of 2006 when Chris’s girlfriend died. Her name was Ashley Hanley, the framing part was from Ashley taking pictures of the band (framing) and Hanley was to honor her memory.

That last picture is Ashley ( may her soul rest).

loves yall REK xx

12 Step Romance

Alright, a few things before I get into today’s post. The Poetry section has been approved for Emo Rawr, so from now on, every Monday a new poem will be posted by someone from one of the two forums. If you want your poetry published on the site, please submit it via the Promote section of the Emo Rawr forum. Be forewarned though that there are a lot of poems in front of yours and poetry is only going to be posted once a week so it will probably be a VERY long time before yours gets posted. In fact, I can make a pretty safe estimate that there’s enough poetry in the forum right now for about half a years worth of posts, if not more.

The dating site has also been approved, which I’m currently working on but running into quite a few bumps in the road. I’m not 100% sure that it will be going up any time soon as I’m currently facing a lot of programming issues with the software. Making it compatible with my current hosting account is a real bitch, to say the least, which is a good indication as to why the other dating site ended up going down during the move. Having said that, you’ll know when it’s up and running when the word/words “Dating”/”Emo Dating” have been added to the top navigation bar. I make no guarantees of when that will be though.

The first novella of the Emo Rawr novella series is in editing phase right now. I had a lot of time to work on it yesterday so it’s coming along much faster than expected. There’s a possibility it will end up being released on March 1st after all despite me just having posted a few days ago that it wouldn’t be available until April 1st. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Having said all of that, on to your regular scheduled programming

12 Step Romance

Band Members:

Adam Frie – Singer/Guitarist
Anthony Garbarino – Drummer
James Kline – Bassist

12 Step Romance is an emo/punk band from Southeastern, PA. I personally think they’re really good, though I have yet to be able to find any of their music on a download site or on CD. I was also unable to dig up any pictures of the band aside from an album cover and there really wasn’t a whole lot of info about them online. I think this is one band that didn’t quite make it, but should have.

I really like their song “A Lovely Day for Roses”. Their music is soft yet filled with emotion. No screamo with these guys, so if that’s your thing then you might want to pass on checking them out.

Then only information I could find on 12 Step Romance’s vitality is that they’re currently looking for a record label and spots on larger tours. Up to this point they’ve only opened for less well known bands, such as: Catch 22, Saves The Day, Ash, and Ridlin Kids. I tried to check out their website but it was down, which isn’t a good indication of the band’s current status. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if they resurface, though it looks fairly doubtful. Sad stuff. Anyways, I highly recommend checking them out if you’re interested in the softer angst ridden side of emo music.

Huge List of Emo Bands

Huge List of Emo Bands

Get Your Music Fix with This Huge List of Emo Bands

Merry Christmas guys!

For my Christmas gift to the site, I’m posting the giant list of emo bands that I had been posting one alphabetical letter at a time. I actually finished organizing the list about two weeks ago when I joined up with iMesh to download some new music for my MP3 Player. Having said that, this list has been updated from the original list that ended up getting deleted when the site went down. New bands have been added over the course of the last few months.

This list will be continually updated as new bands are discovered. To help the list grow, you can suggest a new band in the comments section or join our forum and post a YouTube video of the band that you want to recommend under the music section. You can join the forum by Clicking Here and Registering.

How updating this list works

When you suggest a new band, I will review them via YouTube. If I can make an instant determination that the band falls within the emo genre, they will be added to this master list immediately, no questions asked. If I can’t make a clear decision, I will post a poll asking the opinions of Emo Rawr’s readers and subscribers. Since patience isn’t one of my virtues, I will only wait until 10 votes have been cast as to whether or not the readers consider the band to fall under the emo genre. If the majority of the 10 say yes then the band will be added to the master list and the poll will be closed for voting and removed from the site. If the majority vote is no, then the band will not be added to the list.

Sometimes you might find a band on the list that you don’t particularly consider to be emo. Some bands have already been removed from the list. I must be honest and tell you that I haven’t reviewed every single band on the list, though I will eventually get to listening to all of them. If you see a band on the list that you don’t think should be there, please post your thoughts in the comment area. I will review the band and make a decision. If I can’t make a clear cut decision, then I will create a poll and let the readers decide. If you suggest that an emo band be removed that is obviously an emo band, for instance a band like Hawthorne Heights or My Chemical Romance, your suggestion will be ignored. Sorry, but if the majority of emos that I know listen to the band, then they are staying on the list.

As with the previously posted list, I will be creating a page on this site for each individual band. Once the band’s page has been created, I will link the band’s name to their page so that you can easily navigate to it to check out pictures of the band, a short band bio, and samples of their music. It’s an easy way to expand your musical horizons without having to leave the site.

The last time I posted this list it was frequently stolen and used on other websites without authorization. If you plan to post this list on your website or blog, please link back to this page or at least to the site url It took me a long time to organize this list and it is an ongoing effort to keep it updated. Please give credit where it is due.

Having said that, here is the improved list. This is the biggest list of emo bands you will probably ever find.

#’s -

12 Step Romance
30 Seconds to Mars

A -

A Case Of Grenada
A Cursive Memory
A Fire Inside
A Kiss for Jersey
A Skylit Drive
A Static Lullaby
A Thorn For Every Heart
Action Action
After the Fall
Alkaline Trio
All Time Low
Amanda Woodward
American Football
Amy Can Flyy
Anatomy Of A Ghost
Angel Hair
Antioch Arrow
April’s Love Affair
Armor for Sleep
Army Navy
Arse Moreira
Art Of Dying
Artist Vs. Poet
As Cities Burn
Asking Alexandria
Assfactor 4
At the Drive-In
Attack Attack
Aussitôt Mort
Automatic Loveletter
Autumn Coronary

B -

Bad Astronaut
Baron Noir
Before Their Eyes
Ben Gibbard
Best of Winter
Black Veil Brides
Blacken the Skies
Bleeding Hearts Melody
Bless the fall
Bloc Party
Blood on the Dance Floor
Boa Narrow
Born Dead Icons
Boy Sets Fire
Boys Life
Boys Like Girls
Boys Night Out
Brand New
Brave Saint Saturn
Breaking Pangea
Breathe Carolina
Breathe Electric
Breather Resist
Bright Eyes
Bring Me The Horizon
Broken Social Scene
Bucket Full of Teeth
Built to Spill
Bullet for my Valentine
Burden of a Day

C -

Capn Jazz
Car Crash At Midway
Chase Coy
Chervona Rutta
Christie Front Drive
Circa Survive
Circle Takes the Square
City of Caterpillar
Clikatat Ikatowi
Cobra Kai
Cobra Starship
Coheed and Cambria
Comeback Kid
Commander Venus
Corn On Macabre
Cost of An Arm
Count the Stars
Cowboys Became Folk Heroes
Creation is Crucifixion
Cross My Heart
Curbside Service
Cute Is What We Aim For

D -

Dance Gavin Dance
Danse Macabre
Daphne Loves Derby
Dark New Day
Dashboard Confessional
Days Away
Dead By April
Dead Poetic
Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead
Death Cab for Cutie
Decypher Down
Denver Harbor
Desert City Soundtrack
Destroy The Runner
Die, Emperor Die!
Dispensing Of False Halos
Divide by Zero
Dot Dor Curve
Drag Down First
Drive-By Truckers
Drive Like Jehu
Drop Dead Gorgeous

E -

Early Thursday
Emo Side Project
Emo Summer
End of Julia
Enoch Ardon
Enter Shikari
Envy on the Coast
Escape the Fate
Eternal Cadence
Evans Blue
Ever Since July
Ever We Fall
Eyes Set to Kill

F -

Fall of Transition
Fall Out Boy
Falling in Reverse
Feeling Left Out
Fighting Jacks
Finding Westerly
Flashbulb Memory
Fly by Night
For All Those Sleeping
Forever…And a Day
Forgive Durden
Former Members of Alfonsin
Four Hundred Years
Four Year Stong
Framing Hanley
From Autumn to Ashes
From First to Last
Frou Frou
Funeral Diner
Funeral For a Friend
Further Seems Forever

G -

Get Fucked
Good Charlotte
Gray Matter
Greeley Estates
Gym Class Heroes

H -

Harriet the Spy
Harry and the Potters
Hawthorne Heights
Head Automatica
Here I Come Falling
Hey Mercedes
Hidden In Plain View
Hiding With Girls
Hollywood Undead
Hot Cross
Hot Rod Circuit
Hot Water Music
Houston Calls
Hundred Reasons

I -

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business
I Hate Myself
I Killed the Prom Queen
I, Robot
I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook
I Would Set Myself on Fire for You
Illuminations and Detonations
In Fear and Faith
In Memory
Index for Potential Suicide
Indian Summer
Into Eternity

J -

Jamison Parker
Jet Lag Gemini
Jets To Brazil
Jim Adkins
Jimmy Eat World
Joan of Arc
Joshua Fit for Battle
Just Surrender

K -

Kaivalya Pada Pine
Kerosene 454
Kevin Devine
Kill Hannah
Kind of Like Spitting
Kissing Chaos
Kris Anaya

L -

La Quiete
Lannen Fall
Last Days of April
Last Weeks November
Lee Marvin Computer Arm
Less than Jake
Letter Kills
Life at These Speeds
Life in Jersey
Light the Fuse and Run
Long Since Forgotten
Louise Cyphre
Love Like… Electrocution
Love Lost But Not Forgotten
Love She Wrote
Love Story Hero

M -

Make Me
Mary Reilly
Mass Movement of the Moth
Matchbook Romance
Maximillian Colby
Mayday Parade
Memento Mori
Memphis May Fire
Men, Women & Children
Modern Dance
Moss Icon
Motion City Soundtrack
My Captain
My Chemical Romance
My Morning Jacket

N -

Nada Surf
Nat Weller
Native Nod
Navio Forge
Neil Perry
New Order
Never Shout Never
Nightmare of You
November Blessing

O -

Odd Project
Off Minor
Ok Go
On the Might of Princes
Ordination of Aaron
Our Last Night
Outsmarting Simon
Owl City

P -

Panic! At the Disco
Parkway Drive
Pasta Rocket
Pedro the Lion
Phoenix Bodies
Pierce the Veil
Please Inform the Captain This is a Hijack
Policy of Three
Pop Unknown
Portraits of Past
Pretty Faces
Pretty Girls Make Graves

R -

Rainer Maria
Red Admiral
Red Animal War
Relient K
Remember Maine
Rites of Spring
Ryan Adams

S -

Sakita Sarra
Saturday Looks Good to Me
Saves the Day
Say Anything
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Schoolyard Heroes
Secondhand Serenade
Secret and Whisper
Sense Field
Senses Fail
Set Your Goals
Shot Maker
Sigur Ros
Silver Bearings
Silversun Pickups
Simple Plan
Sleepytime Trio
Slick Shoes
Slow Coming Day
Something Corporate
Sonny Moore
Sound the Alarm
Split Lip
Starflyer 59
Stars Hide Fire
State of Shock
Steel Train
Stereo Skyline
Still Life
Stole Your Woman
Stop It!
Story of the Year
Straylight Run
Stretch Arm Strong
Suicide Silence
Suis la Lune
Sunny Day Real Estate
Swing Kids

T -

Taking Back Sunday
Teddy Geiger
Tegan and Sara
Ten Grand
Texas is the Reason
The Academy Is…
The All-American Rejects
The Anniversary
The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra
The Audition
The Automatic
The Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul
The Beautiful Mistake
The Cab
The Classic Crime
The Cure
The December Drive
The Devil Wears Prada
The Disease
The Early November
The Early Novembers Ace Decenders
The Escape Engine
The Flaming Lips
The Format
The Get-Up Kids
The Gloria Record
The Good Life
The Hated
The Higher
The Holy Shroud
The Hurt Process
The Infarto, Scheisse!
The Jealous Sound
The Juliana Theory
The June Spirit
The Junior Varsity
The Khayembii Communique
The Killers
The Kodan Armada
The Last Chance Diaries
The Legion of Doom
The Lyndsay Diaries
The Medic Droid
The Misfits
The Movielife
The New Amsterdams
The Postal Service
The Promise Ring
The Ready Set
The Receiving End of Sirens
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The Rocket Summer
The Rocking Horse Winner
The Smiths
The Snake the Cross the Crown
The Spill Canvas
The Spirit Of Versailles
The Starting Line
The State Secedes
The Sunstreak
The Used
The Years Best
The Years Gone By
There for Tomorrow
This Time Only
Those Ides of Mesentery
Time and Distance
Time Spent Driving
To Be Juliet’s Secret
To Dream of Autumn
Tokio Hotel
Too Sorry For Apologies (Jimmy Robbins)
Towers Transistor Transistor
Trust Company
Turn Around Norman
Twelve Hour Turn

U -

Ultimate Fakebook
Usurp Synapse

V -

Vanilla Sky

W -

Waking Ashland
We Fly Our Kites at Night
We The Kings
What Price, Wonderland?
When All Else Fails
Wow, Owls!

Y -

Yaphet Kotto
You and I
You Me and Everyone We Know

Z -


Huge List of Emo Bands

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