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How to Get Male Emo Hair

Question Posted by DinosGoRawr: “I was wondering on how you get the Male Hairstyle?”

Answer: The shape of your face is important, like if you have a long face long hair is better and if you have a small face short is better also if you have a round face long hair at the front and short at the back looks the best. You need to know what you want and what would look good on you first, then you can find a picture of the kind of thing you want and you can edit it if you need to.

You might want to grow your hair a little longer than what you want so the stylist’s job is easier and take the picture with you or be very detailed in how you describe what you want.

Most dudes have choppy layers at the sides; one side is usually longer than the other, with about 2-3 inch long bangs depending on the length of the sides and short hair at the back which is usually spiked. You can also get crown spikes at the crown of your head, bits of hair cut short and spiked up.

Just as an example, he has crown spikes.

Alot of emo guys have just black hair, some with blond bangs and a few with other colours like bright blue.

Be inventive when choosing colours and where you put them. Like this guy:

Emo hairstyles can be high maintenance so you’ll need styling products. Personally I trust Schwarzkopf, but there are loads of different brands. Make sure you pick up the ones that won’t damage your hair and try to find specifics for what your using it for like spiking gel (Garnier Fructis Style spikes works).

loves y’all rec x

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How Do You Get The Female Emo Hair Style?

Question posted by KassiBassi: “How would you get the female hair style?”

Answer: The best way to get the female emo hair style that you desire is to print out a picture closest to the style that you want and take it to your hair stylist. This is by far the best way to ensure accuracy and that your stylist will understand exactly what you want.

You can also show them pictures via your cell phone, though the small detail may make it hard for them to distinguish exactly how the style is reproduced in intricacy.

If you don’t have an internet connection for your phone or a printer then the next best thing would be to describe in detail what you want. The female emo hair style, as depicted above, consists of drastic layering. Obviously, the longer your hair, the better. From about the base of the head up, the rest of the hair is typically razored to give it a fuller look. You may also want to mention where your hair will be parted at so that they can create the style correctly. Most female emo hair styles part from a single point at the top/back or side of the head.

In case you’re wondering, I used the picture above because this is the one I’m taking to my hair stylist when I go to get my hair cut next.

Any good hair stylist will show you how to style your hair as well as what products they use.

If you already have your hair cut to accomodate the above hair style, you can style it by flat ironing your hair straight and then using some hair paste or hair spray to tussle the top and give it a fuller look.

Hair paste is great for giving small groups of hair that perfectly in place sleek and spikey look. I personally recommend Redken Rough Paste for the job. I would especially recommend using hair paste if you don’t plan on using bobby pins to pin back your bangs.

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Can A Person Be Emo Without Being Depressed?

Question posted by samantha rowell: ”i know emo is just a trend and everything but ive been told its a state of mind. cant a person be emo without being depressed?”

Answer: Emo is a shortened version of the word emotion. Whether expressed in music or day to day life, the easy expression of emotions that most people would try to repress is a large part of what being emo is all about. That doesn’t, however, limit emotional expression to negative feelings only.

We all know that emos have a very bad wrap for generally being depressed people. This has stemmed from a lot of things, most notably the trend of cutting. There were also quite a few drama queens and kings out there that helped this negative stigma along.

That was all mostly in the beginning of emo culture though. I can safely say that there are very few emos that I met when emo first became a trend that weren’t depressed or had their emotions completely out of tow. Luckily, more stable people started jumping on the bus due to the love of the music and fashion style and quickly helped to start curbing the negative stereotypes.

I’m not going to say that there are no emos who are depressed. That would be a flat out lie. The culture was built on the display of mostly negative emotions and very close to gothic attire. What has evolved out of it though through the passing years is almost a completely different monster.

Cutting is far less of a trend. You don’t have to dye your hair black to be considered emo anymore. Depression has been replaced by hyper randomness. And colorful clothing and accessories is far more favorable than sticking to the original trend of all black.

Emos now a days typically convey a full range of normal healthy emotions. In fact, I’ve met quite a few that are more upbeat and happy than most people that I know. So the answer to the question is no. You don’t have to be depressed to be emo.

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How Do You Get Oli Sykes Hair?

This was a question from one of our forum members, but I thought I would post it here since it seems to be a popular question. You can view the original thread by clicking on the link below:

I bet my hairstylist could replicate Oli Sykes hair easily. :-p She’s afuckingmazing. So, let’s start with a picture. His hair looks different in several of the pictures that I’ve seen of him, but we’ll use the one below as a basic model.

To get your hair like his, it would need to be a little past shoulder length. Luckily, this is a style that you can start shorter and grow into. He has a side swooping bang, with scissoring. You would definitely need a flat iron if your hair isn’t already straight.

Once you actually have your hair cut that way, you would follow these steps to style it. I’ll tell you what you need to do and give you the names of recommended products. You can get a price check on the products I recommend by clicking on the names of the products in this article.

After you wash your hair, put some Redken Align 12 ultra-straight balm to damp or towel dried hair. For hair that short you’d only need about one pump, otherwise it would make your hair look kind of greasy. Then blow dry your hair straight with a paddle brush.

Once the hair is dry, and relatively straight, spray in some Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide before flat ironing it straight the rest of the way. This is another product you use sparingly. It protects your hair from heat damage and also gives it a nice shine. Straight ironing the hair is pretty self explanitory.

His hair style is pretty straight, so that’s really all there is to it. If you wanted to make it a bit spikey you could throw in some Redken Rough Paste and tussle the back a little bit or put some on your tips to make them feather out like his do in some of his other pictures. I’d only use maybe a quarter or half of a pump though, cause that stuff goes a long way.

Anyway, my best recommendation would be to print a picture out and take it to your barber/hairstylist. He/She could cut and style your hair for you and recommend the products that they used to make it look like his. Or you could teleport here and I could style your hair for you. XD

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Am I Emo? Take The Emo Test to Find Out

Do people at school call you emo? Are you rejecting the term because you either refuse to be considered as emo or simply don’t know what it is? Take this quick test below to find out if you’re emo. Simply answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the questions below and then tally up your score.

1.) Do people at your school call you emo?

2.) Do you have a side swooping bang?

3.) Do you hang out with other people that are considered to be emo?

4.) Do you listen to bands like My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, or Hawthorn Heights? (this list could totally be expanded, and as soon as I finish the giant list of bands I’ll post a link to it here. For the sake of brevity though, these are 3 of the most commonly known emo bands)

5.) Do you wear tight fitting clothing?

6.) Do you like to write poetry?

If you answered Yes to at least 4 of these questions, then you are emo. If that bothers you then sadly you need to change the above things about you to start moving in a different direction, and trust me, trying to change yourself absolutely sucks.

If changing yourself sounds like a complete drag, then just accept that people consider you to be an emo and move on. People like to label things/people, it’s a fact of life. I know that many people shun the label of emo, but it’s really not that bad.

For people that hate labeling, it can be annoying to be called anything, but you can’t change labels or what comes out of other people’s mouths, you can only change yourself. I personally think that you’d be much better off accepting that fact and moving on. Learn not to care what other people think. If they’re not your friends or family then what they think and say shouldn’t matter. That’s the emo thing to do. ;-)

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