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Question posted by samantha rowell: ”i know emo is just a trend and everything but ive been told its a state of mind. cant a person be emo without being depressed?”

Answer: Emo is a shortened version of the word emotion. Whether expressed in music or day to day life, the easy expression of emotions that most people would try to repress is a large part of what being emo is all about. That doesn’t, however, limit emotional expression to negative feelings only.

We all know that emos have a very bad wrap for generally being depressed people. This has stemmed from a lot of things, most notably the trend of cutting. There were also quite a few drama queens and kings out there that helped this negative stigma along.

That was all mostly in the beginning of emo culture though. I can safely say that there are very few emos that I met when emo first became a trend that weren’t depressed or had their emotions completely out of tow. Luckily, more stable people started jumping on the bus due to the love of the music and fashion style and quickly helped to start curbing the negative stereotypes.

I’m not going to say that there are no emos who are depressed. That would be a flat out lie. The culture was built on the display of mostly negative emotions and very close to gothic attire. What has evolved out of it though through the passing years is almost a completely different monster.

Cutting is far less of a trend. You don’t have to dye your hair black to be considered emo anymore. Depression has been replaced by hyper randomness. And colorful clothing and accessories is far more favorable than sticking to the original trend of all black.

Emos now a days typically convey a full range of normal healthy emotions. In fact, I’ve met quite a few that are more upbeat and happy than most people that I know. So the answer to the question is no. You don’t have to be depressed to be emo.

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