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Band Bio and Pictures for AFI


Band Members

Davey Havok – Lead Vocals
Adam Carson – Drums and Backup Vocals
Hunter Burgan – Bass, Keyboards, Programming, and Backup Vocals
Jade Puget – Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, and Backup Vocals

AFI, short for A Fire Inside, has been classified as alternative rock, punk rock, hardcore punk, horror punk, post-hardcore, and emo music. AFI was formed in Ukiah, California in 1991 and has had a long contributing influence in regards to both the punk and emo music movements. The members of the band have held steady since 1998 and have managed to produce eight studio albums in the bands 20 year history. Yup, this band has been around longer than most of you have even been alive.

AFI is one of my favorite bands ever. Their original sound differed greatly from what you hear from them today, though they’ve managed to make this transition smoothly and with grace, something that most bands fail to do when transitioning for one style of music to another. Their old songs are great, embodying the soul of what punk music was all about, and their new stuff is just an engaging, infused with emotion and passion that many scene and emo people crave when searching for great bands.

Needless to say, taking into consideration that AFI has had a 20 year career thus far, they have a lot of history behind them. While I could outline it all here, I doubt I’d be able to do it justice. Having said that,  you can read up on their complete history at Wikipedia, via the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AFI. You can also check out AFI’s official website by Clicking Here.

You can check out some pictures of the band and sample their music below. You can also browse and/or purchase their CDs, MP3s, and merchandise by Clicking Here.


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