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I got the A’s sorted out. Yay me. lol So, here you guys go, an alphabetized list of 35 emo bands starting with the letter A. Broaden your musical horizons and enjoy.

A Case Of Grenada
A Cursive Memory
A Fire Inside
A Kiss for Jersey
A Skylit Drive
A Static Lullaby
A Thorn For Every Heart
Action Action
After the Fall
Alkaline Trio
All Time Low
Amanda Woodward
American Football
Anatomy Of A Ghost
Angel Hair
Antioch Arrow
April’s Love Affair
Armor for Sleep
Army Navy
Arse Moreira
Art Of Dying
Artist Vs. Poet
As Cities Burn
Assfactor 4
At the Drive-In
Aussitôt Mort
Automatic Loveletter
Autumn Coronary

Stay tuned for the rest of the lists as I churn them out.

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