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Alright, just finished sorting out the B’s. I’ll get them all rolled out slowly but surely. For now, here’s an alphabetized list of 34 emo bands starting with the letter B. Enjoy!

Bad Astronaut
Baron Noir
Before Their Eyes
Ben Gibbard
Best of Winter
Blacken the Skies
Bleeding Hearts Melody
Bless the fall
Bloc Party
Boa Narrow
Born Dead Icons
Boy Sets Fire
Boys Life
Boys Like Girls
Boys Night Out
Brand New
Brave Saint Saturn
Breaking Pangea
Breathe Carolina
Breathe Electric
Breather Resist
Bright Eyes
Bring Me The Horizon
Broken Social Scene
Bucket Full of Teeth
Built to Spill
Bullet for my Valentine
Burden of a Day

By the way, if you can think of the name of another emo band that starts with the letter B, please include it in the comments below so that I can add it to the master list that I’ll eventually be publishing on this site. Thanks bunches!

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