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All I can really say about Alex McKee is . . . I want a lot less hyper clone of him for Christmas. I think that he is, by far, the hottest emo guy to ever grace the internet. I’ve read quite a few places that he’s bi-sexual, well sorry to disappoint but he is gay. I believe he is still happily dating Chase, his boyfriend since forever. And they are rediculously cute together. In fact, I’d happily take a pair of them.

Alex was born on January 31st and currently lives in Orlando, Florida. He likes to sing, dance, act goofy, and of course, model. Alex McKee rose to internet fame through his complex, beautiful, and seductively stunning photographs and is one of the most famous emo internet models online.

He’s unfortunately traded in the emo look for something much more mature. While his photography is still brilliant, his emo looking days will certainly be missed. You can check out all of his photography at http://muchlikefalling.deviantart.com/

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