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This ones for the guys. We all know that in the world of emo, the hair makes the man. But, how do you get that super hot emo hairstyle that will make the girls want to peal your pants off of you? Well, watch these videos to find out how to get a few different emo hairstyles, from simple flat ironing to complex spiking.

This first video is pretty long due to there not being any video editing. This style is a simple blow dry and flat iron. 5 stars for nakedness? Hell yeah.

If you are rediculously dedicated then you could always try doing your hair like this next video. The video is titled Anime Hair Tutorial, but that is such a hot emo guy hairstyle. This guy’s boyfriend should seriously be a hair stylist. I bet if the video wasn’t in fast forward mode, this hairstyle would have taken at least an hour to achieve.

This one is also pretty basic.

This next video I added only because I find it to be interesting. This kid basically layers his own hair with a razor blade. I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you are REALLY careful . . . lest you end up bald. lol Gives a new meaning to the word razoring.

This is another more extreme male emo hairstyle that would probably take about an hour to do.

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