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Alright, so I had to redo this post because I truly believe that Alex Evans is/was one of the most recognizable emo guys on the face of the planet. His rediculously innocent and adorable emo look paired with his amazing photographic abilities led to a sky rocket in internet fame for this guy. It was much deserved as he certainly stands out among the crowd of emo guys online who typically take camera eye fucking photos.

Alex Evans was born on July 30th of 1990. He’s a model, an amazing photographer, and a great writer. You can check out his main website at http://alexevans.net/. He has several other profiles, but he links to them all from the main site so I didn’t feel the need to list them all here.

Despite the fact that emo girls everywhere drool over Alex Evan’s good looks, he’s unfortunately very . . . . . . . . . . not emo looking anymore. lol I bet you thought I was going to say gay, but he’s not, he’s bisexual. While Alex Evans was definitely one of the first and few famous emo models, he’s abandoned the style as most do when they tend to get older. Sad stuff, but at least he gave us some really good eye candy to look at for a while.

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