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With a little bit of imagination, you can buy girls emo clothing almost anywhere. In style fashion these days for emo females has gotten pretty basic. However, there are some emo girls who prefer to go for the more stand-out-ish emo style.

For those girls, the number one place I‘d recommend is Hot Topic. You simply can’t beat the variety of different alternative style wear that they offer, and emo is definitely a crowd that they cater to. You can find a variety of different brands and styles, from the very popular Hello Kitty line to movie promotional gear and even plain ol’ flannel shirts.

For skinny jeans, I recommend Old Navy. Probably not where you were thinking, but I recommend them specifically because they cater to all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s hard for bigger girls to find skinny jeans. And aside from Torrid, Old Navy is the only place I know that has them, and the price is far more reasonable than Torrid.

If you want to go towards the cheaper end of things, you can always check out your local thrift shop for girls emo clothing. That’s usually a hit and miss endeavor. One tip to knowing when you’ll have the best chance of finding some good stuff at thrift stores is to ask them when they put out new items.

You can also occasionally find some really good girls emo clothing at Walmart. Their juniors department typically tries to cater to what’s in style, and emo clothing hasn’t made its way out the door yet. Needless to say, Walmart prices are almost always reasonable.

There’s some fuel for your fire. Whether you have big bucks to spend on your wardrobe or you’re trying to pinch pennies, you should be able to use some of these ideas to put together an esthetically appealing emo wardrobe. Happy shopping!

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