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Cameron Ugh

cameron ugh pic

50 Pictures of Cameron Ugh

Cameron Ugh is a famous scene/emo internet model, much like Alex Evans and Alex McKee, just a bit less well known. Cameron Ugh is 18 years old and currently lives in Houston, Texas. He’s 5’8, 123 pounds, and does a variety of different types of modeling gigs from photo shoots to runway. His sexual orientation is gay.

Like a lot of attractive emo guys, there are many people online that tend to steal his pictures and try to fake him. Cameron is pretty big about going after his fakes. So, if you see someone using his pictures and claiming to be someone else, then he’d probably appreciate you reporting it to one of his many accounts. You can find a list of some of his accounts below.


As usual, there are more than 45 pics here of Cameron. I like to round to 5 though, so yeah.

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