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For being a model, Alex Evans is incredibly camera shy. It’s kind of cute. Anways, here are 3 videos of Alex Evans. You can check out his official YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/thealexevans.

Video 1: This first video is a video of Alex Evans at Six Flags riding the tea cups with a friend. This is not the most charming peak at him, as he knows, he kinda looks like crap in this video. I find it funny that his buddy makes him do all the work on the tea cups. lol Poor Alex.

Video 2: This is a Christmas type video which really doesn’t have much of a point. I think it was primarily created just so that Alex would have something to show to his fans, which I’m pretty sure beg him to death to make YouTube videos. They talk about lots of random stuff in this video. And in case you’re wondering, his favorite color is gray. One question answered.

Video 3: Alex Evans acting like a dork. lol Kind of another pointless video. All I think of during the random flash sequence is ‘teeth’. lol They do a big anti-smoking piece at the end of the video that is kind of funny though. Needless to say, Alex Evans doesn’t smoke. . . which might explain why he has such nice white teeth. lol

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